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Why i love working with MVP’s -Ed Blankenship

Last week i got a piece of email from Ed Blankenship(below).  Basically indicating he was willing to use his own money to fly up to Redmond  and take vacation time to do something for the community.

Luckily for everybody my truck is filthy so i can put his time to good use as he details it for me. 

Okay anybody that knows me realizes i am kidding as i would never clean a vehicle but it does beg the question what kind of project should we have a very talented MVP, that knows WPF, has a passion for process templates and is willing to work for free (for a week or so) do?

Some ideas already on the table

  1. Clean up the the internal MIcrosoft Process Tempate for external use
  2. (My concern is this would not be deliverable in a week)
  3. Clean up the reports from the internal Microsoft Process Template. 
  4. Help clean up/write a utility for generating work items (Anthony Bortons long time Christmas list)
  5. Another ideas?

From: Ed Blankenship
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 8:45 AM
To: Charles Sterling; Grant Holliday
Subject: Volunteering at Redmond


I’d like to throw an idea into the air that I’ve been having since the MVP Summit and our session with Joe’s team on the last day.

This year I have extra vacation days laying around at the end of the year.  I was thinking that I could take Monday-Friday off one week and come up to Redmond and volunteer and contribute to something that would be beneficial for the community.

Something personal to me but I think would be beneficial to a lot of people is being able to leverage some of the internal Microsoft process templates.  I know JoeS mentioned having something that they needed to be scrubbed before ready for the public.  I think that may be something I could do and have a deliverable to provide at the end of that week that would be beneficial to the VSTS Community.  That’s an idea I had that might be good of using my time but it’s definitely up in the air and I’m open to suggestions.

And of course I’d take some free time off while I’m up there to make sure I got some rest too!  I’ve never seriously gotten out in the Seattle area before.  I mean – it is vacation J  But absolutely no hangovers this time.

What do you guys think?  Could you guys use me for help with something to deliver to the community?

Very respectfully,

Ed Blankenship
Infragistics, Inc.
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