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Microsoft Dev Tools Ecosystem Summit -makes me mad!

Just recieved this in email and must admit it made me mad!

Why did this event (which looks to be a great time) make me Mad?

I can not believe i didn’t think of doing something like this several months ago for VSTS!

I guess that is okay, a lot of the VSTS content I would want to cover several months ago wasnt’ really ready for prime time.  

That said with PDC around the corner i no longer have that excuse!

If there is an interest I guess my next steps needs to be the Microsoft briefing center to start securing dates.

let me know what you think!







In September, the VS Ecosystem Product & Marketing team will host our annual conference for developers who extend Visual Studio.  This is an opportunity for product teams to educate tool builders on how to integrate with our current products as well as share our future plans to help the partners evolve with us.  For the first time we are making two days of the conference open to all VSX developers so the general community can learn how to extend our existing technologies.  We’ll then narrow the audience to the VSIP program members on the third day to discuss our NDA business plans & product strategies.

The Microsoft Dev Tools Ecosystem Summit will have 3 parts:

· Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) Developer Conference: Presentations that are open to all developers who extend Visual Studio, including VSIP partners, the VSX community, and internal Microsoft employees.  The content & demos should be 80% focused on VS 2008 with some high-level talking points about how these features will improve in Dev10.

· Partner Business and Strategy Day:  For VSIP partners and NDA insiders only, focusing primarily on the business strategy, marketing discussions, and early information about undisclosed technologies.

· VSIP Developer Clinic: VSIP program members meet 1:1 with Microsoft subject matter experts.

If you have a session topic you’d like included in this event please send a draft title & abstract by 7/18 to AnthC & HHodges.

Attendee Registration

General Extensibility Developers: Community VSX Developers can register for the conference here: http://msdn.com/vsx/conference/.  A small registration fee was created for the general public to minimize no-shows.  The bulk of fee is returned through attendee take homes like a book on VS Extensibility.  If you have a customer you are willing to vouch for then we can provide you with a discount code to wave the registration fee.

VSIP Partners: All VSIP program members are invited to this event and will be able to attend for free.  VSIPs should use the following link to register for the event and bypass the registration fee: http://www.vsipmembers.com/Lists/Announcements/DispForm.aspx?ID=20.