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Infragistics and their Java developers loves Teamprise and TFS!


Just received an email from Ed Blankenship, one of our MVP’s at  Infragistics that i had to share!


“We completely use Microsoft® Team Foundation Server (w/ TeamPrise) for the development of all of our products now.  This was especially challenging with bringing in our Java (JSF) development group into the same development process of our .NET product lines.  By leveraging the TeamPrise Eclipse plug-in and the ANT Team Build tasks, we were able to ensure they were using the exact same systems as the other departments in Engineering.  So the JSF team now has access to the same build, version control, work item tracking, and other internal automated software solutions that the rest of our company uses.  Visual Studio® Team System has really enabled us to solidify our internal ALM process, metrics gathering, and reduce overhead from supporting different systems across product teams.”

Ed Blankenship
Infragistics, Inc.