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Random Post: TwC and Netflix

Last Wednesday Pilar (my wife) indicated she signed us up to the $10 Netflix subscription service. I did the analysis and the cost per DVD per rental came up ~$1.40   -based on a fast postal service and returning the DVD the day after we receive it in the mail.  I wasn’t too impressed as we get better service from RedBox in front or our local grocery store.  This plus the the fact my 7 year old daughter’s expensive blue tooth keyboard decided to stop working made for a grumpy Wednesday last week…

So why thy blog post and/or the TwC subject line?   Well it turns out the keyboard stopped working because last Tuesday Vista did an update that disabled the Microsoft® Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 keyboard.(mouse was still working fine)  The symptom was on connection the keyboard would give an undocumented a red/green flashing light.  -Sigh. 

The solution was easy  enough -install the keyboard drivers -but figuring this out really gets back to our TwC reliability goal of having computers as reliable as electricity or Telephony is in our house.  I don’t know about your house but the cordless phone at my house doesn’t randomly update itself so it stops communicating with the base station….This probably explains my new interest in our testing tools at Microsoft.

Hopefully these tools will take us to this happy place!


What about Netflix?

Now that i have been a Netflix customer for 7 days do i still feel cheated?

NO Way!  Their service is bloody brilliant!  When i did my costing exercise i failed to take into account their 8,000 on demand movies. In the last week we have definitely managed to get the cost per rental below $1-and we still have three weeks left! 

I must admit watching TV shows with no commercials on my time frame is very cool and their selection is much better than Comcast’s.