Power BI

Content by Charles Sterling

The MVP’s are in town this week!

Been a busy weekend! 

The MVP’s are in town this week and as a gift for coming out we are getting them all external hard drives. I even volunteered to fill with content for them; -just wish i had done the math of how long it takes to put 50gb on 100 hard drives!   Just to make matters more interesting the company put the MVP and Team System logos on the wrong size drives! (there were supposed have been 320gb and they shipped 250gb)

Not certain what we are going to do about that as i am NOT going to copy the content over again!

Also had Brian Keller over yesterday to school us in Rock Band and Anthony Borton is over tonight to help me empty the liquor cabinet, fill the hard drives and build the MVP sign stands – shouild be a fun night!  (Just hope nobody gets back out the Rock Band stuff or won’t get anything done!


12 down – only 88 more!