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Australian Architecture Forum 2008 – Registration now open

One of the best events in Australia for 2007 Australian Architecture Forum has just opened registrations for the 2008.  Should be a great event with topics like:

  • REST vs SOAP
  • A RESTful project approach
  • Software as services
  • Pragmatic Domain-Driven Design
  • Java EE dying in an SOA world
  • Interface versioning
  • Dependable Web Services-based systems
  • Pragmatic Web Service Security
  • SOA Governance and Getting Stuff Done
  • Lightweight SOA Through Web Widgets
  • Architecting SOA Applications for Business Agility
  • SOA Delivery Realities
  • Securing a Federated SOA
  • How much SOA is enough?
  • Coal Face Experiences of An Architect on Large SOA Engagements

-See the website for more details: