Finding Shelve/Unshelve in Visual Studio 2008.

One of our MVP's (that knows a lot more about VSTS than i do) indicated finding Shelve/Unshelve can often be difficult to find and uses the command line to access this functionalityas a result . 

Having looked for it in the past i am not going to disagree and thought a couple of screen shots might be useful.

After the project is under TFS Source control you should be able to access the Shelve/Unshelve functionality one of the two ways.

1.  Bring up the Pending Changes Dialog one of two ways:

View > Other Windows > Pending Changes

Right Click a project in Solution Explorer > View Pending Changes

In this dialog both Shelve and Unshelve are on the toolbar (see image below)


2. Right click on a project or file in the solution explorer and choose Shelve/Unshelve.(see image)  NOTE: The context menu is highly dynamic based on what you right click and may not show Shelve - For instance right clicking on a directory doesn't offer Shelve as an option.... 

Comments (4)

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  2. MSDN Archive says:

    I just wish Shelve weren’t so dang close to the Check-In button.  That’s just plain dangerous!

  3. Keith, the placement of the check-in button is probably one of the most frequently complained about UI features…Typically this comes up when people are deselecting assets hit check-in and accidently hit it again. (checking the remaining files they didn’t want to the first time).  

    I will follow up with Matt to see what we can do.


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