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Visual Studio Team System Tip of the Week- Test lists not showing up in TFS Builds menu #1

Long ago i learned you really don’t get to know your peers/peeps/coworkers until you spend an evening with them and their family.  Living this ideal made for a busy week last week as i had one my MVP’s stay with us, then had Beth Massi and Sara Ford over to the house for dinner.  During the course of the dinner Sara mentioned i should do a Team System tip of the day…not really understanding what I was agreeing to and been drinking Red Hook ESB I readily signed up. (okay and i also wanted to see Sara juggle Natasha’s stuffed animals) 

A week later (and entirely sober) I have been trying to come up with a tip of the day/week/month/etc…

The only thing that came to mind:

1. If you have those little girls over – BUY LOTS of beer! 

Sara Ford = Corona

Beth Massi = Anything Dark, Bitter and Hoppy

Unfortunately this isn’t really a a Team System tip so not certain it counts…hmmm….

Luckily for me at my user group presentation last night we had a case where the tests weren’t showing up in the build dialog  -and this happens to me ALL the time!  (See the image below) In theses cases the build knows about the projects and their corresponding VSMDI files but not the test lists that i had just created.  

Turns out in 99% of my demo’s i forget to check in after i created my test lists; and the build server only see’s what is checked in -therefore doesn’t know about those newly created test lists!  The fact there is no visual queue in the solution explorer to do a check in and often the only reason i create the test list is for the build doesn’t help<sigh> 


Note by default in VS 2005 you must have a test list for running tests as part of the build. If you don’t have the Test Edition this used to be a real problem, luckily Buck Hodges has tip of the day 1.5 for VS 2005 folks with his post: How to run tests in a build without test metadata files and test lists (.vsmdi files).

In 2008 this isn’t needed as you can reference a DLL run all the test in it. (see red circle)