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Visual Studio Development Team at the Seattle VB Usergroup March 24th

Robert Green has invited the Visual Studio Team to present at his Visual Basic usergroup.  Should be a lot of fun hope to see you there!


Microsoft Building 40, Steptoe Room #1450   Map

Event Date:
Monday, March 24, 2008


6:00 PM

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite provides multi-disciplined team members with an integrated set of tools for architecture, design, development, database development and testing of applications. In this end to end Scenario based demo three of the Visual Studio Development team: Charles Sterling, Brian Crawford and Naysawn Nader will start off (from Scratch) with a Project Manager creating a new project setting up the policies the processes then hand off to the Architect, handing off to the developer and finally a tester…time permitting even include the infamous “Build wrangler”.    This 60 minute long ad-hoc roller coaster ride of demos was voted as one of the best presentations at Code camp and is NOT to be missed!!!