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A STAR is born -James Whittaker on Testing

Strange you can chat with somebody, sit next to them in meetings exchange A LOT of email with them and have no idea who they are. (The word i am probably looking for is oblivious)

In either case I am exchanging email with "just" another one of the software design engineers on the test team:

(Previous email on the topic of creating a Testing Advisory council)

From: James Whittaker

I will be seeing a lot of these folks at STAR in May. We can invite them as room allows then


From: Charles Sterling

What is star?

Sounds like a conference of some sort – are you presenting?



From: James Whittaker

www.sqe.com/stareast the largest testing conference in the world. I am the opening keynote (smiley face)


Turns out the guy is freaking famous! 

Yes i had a couple clues; for instance his title is "PRINCIPAL SECURITY SDE".  You typically don’t become a "Principle" here at Microsoft until you can argue with Bill (Gates) -and win.

In either case i will probably be a little more diligent to who i talk to going forward and  if you want to see a real live Microsoft Star it turns out one is keynoting at the worlds largest Testing Conference-grin.