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Rosario Specifications for some of the TFS Features

I have been with the team for 6 weeks and very embarrassed to just learn 4 of the Rossario feature Specifications have already been published. Thanks to Matthew Mitrik for both pointing this out -and publishing these specifications!

The Four Specifications are:

  1. Add to Source Control

  2. Resolve Improvements

  3. Improved Label Dialog

  4. History Improvements

We have created a forum for their discussion here:

Discuss and Provide Feedback Here

And will be putting up more in the comming months here:

This page lists specifications for Visual Studio Team System code name “Rosario”.

These specifications document the new features you will find in CTPs and provide an opportunity for you to give feedback. Please remember, some features specified below may be cut and others may be significantly altered. We’d love your feedback to help us with this decision process. Your feedback will be delivered into our bug database and shared with the feature team. The team will use your feedback to develop the specification or make improvements to future releases of Visual Studio Team System.