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blog roll: Visual Studio Team System MVP’s

In getting to know my new team mates i found the Team System development is made up of 5/6 teams. (6 including the MVP’s)

In this post I am including my first cut of the Team Foundation Team System MVP’s roll. 

I realize I am missing a bunch of people (We now have 76! Team System MVP’s) and if i have missed your blog please feel free to ping me (again)

Once i have all 6 teams done I am then going to update the horribly out of date Visual Studio Team System Blogs page.

  1. Adam Cogan
  2. Anthony Borton
  3. Barry Gervin
  4. Brian Randell
  5. Chris
  6. Eugene Zakhareyev
  7. Fabio Camara
  8. Grant Holliday
  9. huanlin tsai
  10. Igor
  11. Jeff Levinson
  12. Joel Semeniuk
  13. John Alexander
  14. Lorenzo Barbieri
  15. Luis Fraile
  16. Marcel de vries
  17. Marcelo Hideaki Azuma
  18. Marcus Garcia
  19. Mark Michaelis
  20. Martin Kulov
  21. Martin Woodward
  22. Michael Azocar
  23. Michael Ruminer
  24. Mickey Gousset
  25. Ognjen Bajic
  26. Omar Villarreal
  27. Paul Hacker
  28. Richard Hundhausen
  29. Sin Min Lee
  30. Sondre Bjellås
  31. Tiago Pascoal
  32. Wes MacDonald
  33. Willy-Peter Schaub
  34. David M. McKinstry
  35. Edward Bakker
  36. Neno Loje
  37. Tremblay, Etienne


Grant Holliday has also put all these lists into an OPML file

Direct link: http://www.holliday.com.au/vsts_bloggers.opml