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blog roll: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Team

In getting to know my new team mates i found the Team System development is made up of 5/6 teams.

In this post I am including my first cut of the Team Foundation Server team blog roll.

Once i have all 6 teams done I am then going to update the horribly out of date Visual Studio Team System Blogs page.


      Andrew Delin

      James Newkirk’s Blog

      Randy Miller’s Blog


      Hakan Eskici

      Aaron Hallberg

      Abdelhamid’s Blog

      Adam Singer

      Ameyab’s Weblog

      Andrew Lynes’ Weblog

      Anutthara Bharadwaj

      Brian Harry

      Buck Hodges

      Chris Rathjen

      Clark Sell

      Ed Hintz

      Amit Ghosh

      Hemant Kumar

      James Manning

      Jason Barile

      Jason Pricket

      Jim Lamb

      John Lawrence

      Kevin Kelly

      Jim Presto

      MichalMa (Michal.log) Blog


      Octavio Licea Leon

      Richard Berg

      Robert Horvick

      Srikanth R

      Steve Lange

      Sudhir’s Blog

      Teams WIT Tools

      Setup, Admin & Ops blog

      Bryan Kriege

      TFS Migration Blog

      TFS Version Control and VS Integration (benryan)

      Team Foundation PM Team

      Tim Noonan

      Udaya Bhaskar Thummala

      YuTong’s Blog


I am sure i am missing a bunch but that is the great thing about making lists like this…they can always be updated!