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Team System Website on MSDN -we are listening

I have to apologize I am just now getting around to fixing the MSDN TeamSystem website bugs  (like the links to the TeamSystem developer centers pointing to 2005 content and the 2008 Team Foundation Server site not discoverable).  So if you have a TeamSystem MSDN Website bug feel free to shoot it my way.   If you have taken our website survey, first of all i want to thank you and yes i have read all 584 sets of verbatim’s hope to action all the recommendations for the website.

If you are looking for technical information on Team Foundation Server 2008 please see:


If you are looking for Technical information on Team System 2008 content please see:


If you are looking for product information on either of these sites and click on the “Product Information” tab on the new page you are taken to you need to click on the Product information tab again. (Yes this bug is being fixed)

As more Rosario content becomes available we should have dedicated Virtual roots for the different team editions.