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Fixing the Red Boxes of death in Team Explorer connecting to the Team Foundation Server VPC

Big thanks to Brian Randall for running this down!  He will be blogging a more complete version of this asap…

A couple people have been having issues connecting the Team Foundation Server VPC both from Windows Vista and Windows XP. 

More often than not the red boxes of death is a  lack of permissions in these cases it was a name resolution issue. 

Turns out you need to do four things to make this work:

  1. You need to connect the VPC to a Network adapter – in this case i have used the loopback adapter as the VPC does not have Virus detection in stalled (image 1)
  2. Enable IP Auto Configuration to verify the VPC has a valid IP Address (see image 2)
  3. You need to have name resolution working to the VPC.  In my case IP Auto Assignment supplied the address: then creating a host entry in the hosts file like below:       tfsrtm08
  4. In the "Connect to Team Foundation Server" dialog you need to use the computer name you added to the host file -NOT the IP Address – (see image 3)



Image 1


Image 2


Image 3