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MSDN Magazine Reader

Pretty cool tool. I like the email referral functionality and the reading list -just wished the reader indexed outside MSDN Magazine and went back further than 2007.  


The MSDN Reader allows you to browse through MSDN Magazine articles like never before. Read through articles, view figures and code snippets in an intuitive and easy-to-use experience. The complete source code for the reader is also provided for you




Below is an example of the email the referral functionality created

Emailing: Story from MSDN Reader
Story title:
Team System: Custom Check-in Policies
Story description:
Team Foundation Server provides APIs that let you create check-in notes (categorized string data) and custom check-in policy implementations. These features combine to give project administrators better control over the group development process.
Link to web content:
Click on attached file to open article in MSDN Reader