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Content by Charles Sterling

Me: The Team System Blogfather?

Last week Rob Caron bestowed the title of "Team System Blogfather" on me. 

Rob Caron really defined blogging for me, he trawled his inbox for nuggets of information, distilled it down to the information you needed and still managed to add his own tone to make it interesting.   I shared many of the distribution lists with Rob and found it easier to read his blog posts then go back to my own inbox! 

For him to compare our efforts is a huge compliment but a little like suggesting a backwoods Oregon fiddle maker is going to be the next Stradivarius.  

I just hope i don’t embarrass the home team too bad.

As an experiment, while watching TV i went through two of the internal VSTS distribution lists, creating posts for the threads with answers -and only made half way through the threads.  

Almost seems a crime all the information lost daily.

This is something the Team System documentation team is looking to capture -but they are struggling with the signal to noise challenges that Rob seemed to deal with so well.

Well off to bed for me!