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Team System Productivity Case Studies

I must admit this post is for me as much as the rest of the internet.  One of the questions i recieve on a semi regular basis is “Do you have any productivity case studies for Visual Studio Team System?”. 

Unfortunately these queries don’t come in frequently enough for me to memorize the URL and our search tools always seem to take longer than i want-g.

The best resource is the page Brian Keller put together highlighing the best of the best of these case studies:

Team System Customer Evidence

Brian also pulled together the entire list to make it easier on the search challenged like myself:

  1. Achmea

  2. Airways New Zealand

  3. Anonymous Global Manufacturer

  4. Anonymous Social Networking Web Site

  5. Bowne

  6. CC Intelligent Solutions

  7. CH2MHill

  8. Clear Channel

  9. Configuresoft

  10. De Post – La Poste

  11. Dell

  12. DriveTime

  13. EDS

  14. EDS

  15. Fujitsu

  16. Gulf Coast Seal

  17. Hotmail.com

  18. Imagination

  19. Indianapolis Colts

  20. Info Support

  21. Infosys

  22. K2

  23. KBC Bank

  24. MethodFactory

  25. Microsoft

  26. Microsoft Business Unit IT

  27. Microsoft e*BIS IT

  28. Microsoft Managed Solutions IT

  29. Microsoft OEM Division’s IT Center of Excellence

  30. Service Corporation International (SCI)

  31. Sogeti Group

  32. State of Washington Digital Archives Development Team

  33. Telemar

  34. The Computer Solution Company (TCSC)

  35. Top Image Systems

  36. Washington State Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development

  37. Windows Live College Bracket Challenge

  38. Worldspan

Oh yeah, Brian is always ont the look out for a new case study if you would like to add yours to this list!