Team Foundation Server Process Templates?

Friday evening i was talking to Stephanie Saad then later Anthony Borton on the topic of Team Foundation Server Process Templates wondering how many Team Foundation Server Templates are out in the wild.  Looks like Richard Hundhausen @ has done a great job of listing the mainstream templates (below) but must admit  i thought it strange we don't have a gallery page for people to list/post their efforts....

Which of course begs the question are people looking for a service or page of this sort?

  1. Cognizant FDD Process 

  2. Content Bridge for VSTS

  3. IRIS Process Author

  4. IRIS Process Live

  5. MSF for Agile Software Development (ver 4.1)

  6. MSF for CMMI® Process Improvement (ver 4.1)

  7. Personal Workspace v1.0Process

  8. Process MeNtOR TeamGuide

  9. Scrum Template (CodePlex)

  10. Scrum Template (Conchango)

  11. Scrum Template (Microsoft eScrum)

  12. Scrum Template (Scrumptious)

  13. XP for Team System (Extreme Programming)

Comments (6)

  1. Brian Harry on French and German Team System Web Access have shipped. Charles Sterling on Team Foundation…

  2. Brian Madsen says:

    Thanks for the links Charles…they’ve come in handy seeing as we’re in the works of re-doing out development methodologies.

    TFS already plays a big part in our daily work and with TFS2008 released it’s bound to take a more central role.


  3. akMSFT says:

    We already have a page that catalogs the different process templates. Now it is gotten an update to include community templates as well. Check it out at:

  4. I'd like to collect some good links about Team System from the community and Microsoft: Processes

  5. In my post Team Foundation Server Process Templates?   I mentioned where you could find some of

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