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What to do w/ your TFS server if you lose your Domain controller?

One of our customers *lost their domain controller and was wondering how to best bring back their Team Foundation Server after building a new domain controller i.e do they have to rebuild it using the article:

How to: Move Your Team Foundation Server from One Environment to Another

According to our Principle Architect Bill Essary

NO you do NOT have to rebuild the Team Foundation server!

-but y
ou do not want to start the TFS services after bringing the new Domain Controller online until you have run tfsadminutil sid.

The most important thing in this case is that you do not want the TFS identity sync process to fire up and start talking to AD until you have had a chance to update the SIDs stored in TFS.  The TFS sync identity process will start to traverse the known AD groups and will pull user and group information from AD using the SID as the key.  When things go missing, it assumes that someone has updated the AD definition (removed the group, deleted a user, etc.) on purpose and that its job is to sync up the changes. That means you do not want to start the TFS app pool before running tfsadminutil sid. 


* I am guessing they are out looking for it!