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Content by Charles Sterling

Looking back after two weeks

As of tonight i have been in the US and on the VSTS team for two and half weeks.  Which begs all kinds of questions like what things have surprised me, what do i miss the most etc… 

First of all i must admit i had a lot of (miss)conceptions about the VSTS Team such as i thought that they would think of customers as a tax of delivering their software. 

Nothing could have been further from the truth! – I should have realized any team with Brian Harry at the helm would be practically zealots about community.   Ironically one of my first challenges was three different teams in the VSTS Group(Project Mgmt, Test and Architect) all wanted to create “something” for interacting with YOU (Visual Studio customers).  Like Brian Harry said in his first piece of mail to me: “Be very careful what you wish for here.” 

This theme seems to be following me around; for example for the MVP Summit i sent out email asking the program managers if they wanted to present….Within a couple of minutes i had an agenda of ~30 hours worth of content(unfortunately the MVP Summit only has 16 hours to deliver content at!) 

hmm reminds me of something somebody once told me…”Be very careful what you wish for here.” <g>

-I am definitely looking forward to the MVP Summit.  I get to catch up with a bunch of the Ozzies like: Adam, Greg, Mitch with Grant and Anthony actually staying with me!

So what am i missing having just moved from Paradise?

If you have been following the weather in Redmond (snow and or rain every day) this would probably be most peoples guess. 

-While i did enjoy the consistent 80 degree sunny weather of the Gold Coast i must admit playing in the snow has been  fun and the rain/cold hasn’t really bothered me….

Thing i do miss most from Australia is the amount of focus i was able to allocate individual efforts.  While I am working the same number hours as i did in Australia; here I am working on 13+ different projects versus the ~5 projects in Australia.  -and all my attempts to collapse or retire projects seem to create two new ones<g>

Since I am currently in the VSTS User group i should start paying attention to Jeff Levinson going through VSTS Build

Wonder what week 4 is going to bring?

(yes i am going be much more careful about what i ask for going forward!)