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Content by Charles Sterling

First Day Back in Redmond

I have to admit it is a little strange being back;  everything seems similar but at the same time very different.  So what did i do on my first day?  First off i went to new employee orientation.  I know this sounds strange for somebody that just celebrated their fifteen anniversary at Microsoft but this is where you fill out the paper work to get paid.  No way was i going to miss this!

I mentioned being back was quite different, one of the things that stood out was the fact new employee orientation had over 200 people in it…and they do this every week! The guy in front of me didn’t even know what group he was going into!!!

Turns out it wasn’t as painful as i feared: the paperwork was filled out in fifteen minutes and one of the HR managers mentioned the videos being shown i could access online… wahoo an entire day to go play!

With my newly freed up afternoon i went and took a look at the new forums infrastructure (very nice) and happen to run into one of the MVP’s running Seattle code camp: Walt Ritscher.

So of course I am now i am going to Code Camp Seattle!

So if you are in Seattle i will see you in two weeks!