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Visual Studio Team System Training in the Netherlands

Starting January 6th Gerard van der Pol in the Microsoft Netherlands office will be offering one day developer training sessions called:  “Intracks” –and two of them will be dedicated to Visual Studio Team System 2010. MSDN InTrack: Visual Studio Team System 2010 January 8th and February 19th Location: Microsoft Innovation Center, Barneveld Cost: € 50… Read more

Three new TeamSystem Websites

Looking for more information on Visual Studio Team System? Well there are three great sites for you to check out this Holiday season! https://channel9.msdn.com/shows/10-4/ http://microsoft.com/visualStudio http://www.visualstudioteamsystem.com/ 10-4  10-4 is a new Channel9 series dedicated to the Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio Team System 2010 and the .Net Framework products…Brian Keller has been working on this… Read more

MVP in Residence- final recap

(If the tone seems a little strange it is because this was an update to the VSTS Team) Last week one of the VSTS MVPs (Ed Blankenship) went WAY beyond the call of duty and spent his vacation time and frequent flyer points to fly himself to Redmond to spend a week on campus to… Read more

Injection Container for Silverlight by P&P

Congratulations to P&P, Grigori Melnik, Chris and the community folks that helped them out.  The Unity Application Block (Unity) is a lightweight, extensible dependency injection container. This release of Unity is a port of Unity Application Block 1.2 to Microsoft Silverlight 2.0. – MSDN site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd362339.aspx – Community Forum: http://codeplex.com/unity  … Read more

Gert Drapers presenting at next Mondays Seattle User Group

Gert will be doing a talk on deploying Data Applications…Probably his most requested topic, but something he has not presented on before-should be a great show! NOTE: if you plan on going you NEED to bring a printed copy of the invitation with you!! Meeting Details: Date: Monday 12/15/2008 Event: Database Meeting Location: Microsoft Building… Read more

MVP in Residence update– day three

Ed has been on campus for three days and i realize it is long overdue that i supply an update as to how it is going.   If you are not familiar with what Ed is here for check out: Why i love working with MVP’s -Ed Blankenship The week before Ed was to arrive we… Read more

Team System Mailing list: OzTFS in a new home and on new hardware

Want to thank Grant and the boys at Codify for hosting and upgrading the mailing list server to new hardware. If you aren’t familiar with OzTFS it is the largest mailing list in the world dedicated to Visual Studio Team System (almost 400 people on it). The answer rate is typically 100% in the first… Read more

Team Test Special Interest group December 15th in Redmond

The next Team Test Special Interest group will take place on Monday December 15th from 3-5:00PM in the Kalaloch room in Microsoft Building 35 (map). We will try to follow the following schedule: 1. Alan Page talk – How We Test Software at Microsoft 2. Discussion on Manual Testing User Experience in Camano: We heard… Read more

Seattle VSTS User group: Metrics that Matter: Reporting with Team Foundation Server (December 8)

Date: Monday 12/8/2008 Event: Visual Studio Team System Meeting Location: Microsoft Building 40, Steptoe Room #1450 Meeting Leader: Kevin Supinger Time:  7:00 PM Topic: Metrics that Matter: Reporting with Team Foundation Server Speaker: Timm Shad Am I crazy to think that making informed decisions in regards to your software development process is a good idea?… Read more

Great new Team System Web Site – in Portuguese

According to our most recent surveys the happiest developers in the world are now in Brasil! (They knocked Australia out of first last year) Congratulations – Microsoft Brazil! Not surprisingly, they are also one of the most active Visual Studio Team System countries and have created their own Team Foundation Site: Team System Brasil  … Read more