What am i going to miss the most from Australia

Had a couple ask about my MSDN Flash editorial about what I am going to miss in Australia when i leave so i have enclosed it below...

After having been in Australia for the best 6 years of my life, my wife has decided I have been too happy and it is time we went back to the US. After much negotiation, we finally agreed this coming February will be when we make our return (although, I was hoping for the year 2050 and my wife was hoping for a white Christmas!) In either case, it got me thinking about what am I going to miss the most about Australia - like the weather, the water, the reefs, the diving, the fishing, OMG the beautiful red wines, Finula, the blue veined brie's, the spicy laksas, the late night kebabs and the list goes on. I then decided what I am going to miss the most about Australia is the people and their "Barby on the Beach" mentality and how it seems to permeates everything Australians do. If you treat everything as a social barbecue and everybody as fellow merry makers, it really changes your outlook on life. It is with no surprise that the latest developer satisfaction surveys found Australians to be the happiest developers on the planet. I am guessing that as a result of this survey, I was named Developer evangelist of the year. But let's be honest...Glover, Coatsy or any of the Australian user group presidents deserved it every bit as much as I!
Jealously guarding my last 3 months!

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  1. Christmas came early this year! November has been a big month: I crashed my motorcycle , flew to the

  2. According to our most recent surveys the happiest developers in the world are now in Brasil! (They knocked

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