Joining the Visual Studio Team System Team and bought a house

Christmas came early this year! 

November has been a big month: I crashed my motorcycle, flew to the U.S., bought a house in Redmond(see below), interviewed with the Visual Studio Team System team, kicked off a VSTS tour but all of this paled in comparison to a piece of mail i received from Jeff Beehler this morning offering me a role working for him helping with community outreach...

My title will be Program Manager and I will be helping Jeff with connecting the VSTS development team with the folks using Visual Studio Team System - be it Testers, Project Managers and of course Developers through communications like user groups, forums, distribution lists etc

With team members like Brian HarryBuck Hodges and old friends Jeff and Brian Keller it is hard to imagine a better role!

I am working with Jeff on the start date but looking to start Jan 1st and leave Australia Feb 29th.


Comments (6)

  1. Buck Hodges says:

    Congratulations and welcome aboard!  You’ll have to come see us in North Carolina.


  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Congrats.  You will be missed in Aus 🙁

  3. Buck Hodges on TSWA Tip – Copy a bug to quickly file a new bug in an area related to the original. Paul…

  4. Slight change in plans, looks like i will be moving AND starting Jan 14-turns out there are complications with me living in Australia while working for Microsoft USA.  

    Oh well still excited about starting my new role!

  5. Welcome to your new role! And hope to see you here in India too! We have a VSTT team dev-ing Rosario and some other hush-hush component here 🙂

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