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Content by Charles Sterling

Vista and Visual Studio 2008 at the Ballarat.NET Special Interest Group

“Vista as a Software Development Platform”
with Scott Baldwin from Readify


“What’s new for Web Developers in Visual Studio 2008”
with Dave Glover from Microsoft Australia

This is the first meeting in a while of the Ballarat.NET Special Interest Group, a regional community group for individuals who use or are interested in the Microsoft .Net software platform. In our last meeting, Dave Glover from Microsoft Australia talked to us about .NET development for the mobile platform, including PocektPC and Smartphone development on Windows Mobile using the .NET Compact Framework.  This time Dave’s back to talk about what’s new for web developers in the soon to be released new version of Visual Studio 2008. Also, we have Scott Baldwin, Senior Developer at Readify, to talk about his experiences using Vista as a platform for software development.

Event Details Summary:

When: Wednesday 14th November, 5:30pm for light dinner and drinks followed by presentations from 6:00pm to 6:30pm and 6:40pm to 7:40pm

Where: COMMANDER CENTER, BALLARAT, 1 Ripon Street North

Who:    Scott Baldwin, Senior Developer, Readify

Dave Glover, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Australia