Power BI

Content by Charles Sterling


The day didn’t start out well (got skunked fishing) and when a nice old lady from the neighborhood pulled out in front of me it didn’t get any better!

Coming back from my neighbors 4 blocks away i had a nice old lady pull out in front of me on my YZF 1000 (motorcycle); not having a lot of options due to on coming traffic i laid the bike down and slid along the pavement in shorts (yeah i know stupid).

In addition to the skin on my right leg and right shoulder I took the right clipon (Handlebars) to the chest on the way down. Despite my chest hurting worse than my legs the Doc doesn’t think anything is broken with the only serious damage done was to the motorcycle and my brand new shoes!…

Not feeling up to it i had my neighbor and Pilar (my wife) bring my fallen soldier home when they noticed the brake pedal missing.  After looking around they found it had actually shot into a lawn across the road! -they are still looking for my pride…

I have to admit I did get a chuckle out of the experience; while lying on my back in the middle of the road with the wind knocked out of me and my leg bleeding a young lady asked:

 “Are you okay?” 

-I am just thankful i wasn’t in the same accident that caused her condition….

I am also guessing my answer might cause her to consider her good samaritan acts more carefully going forward…


On a related topic:

As a motorcycle rider i have always had an academic interest in how doctors removed asphalt/sand from wounds.  After given an advanced (crash?) course on the topic today i can assure you i was much much happier not knowing.  On the up side if the Spanish start another inquisition or the CIA need somebody to help them with reluctant informants i might be well placed for a career change.