Increasing Wireless Range

In the last couple of months the wireless range at my house has decreased...I think it is a combination of additional interferences, my M400 having a weaker adapter than my M200 and replacing an old 17" LCD with a 20" wide screen is physically blocking the signal from my router...

In either case places that you used to get signal at the house are now "dark"-sigh.

At first glance it looked like i had a couple of options:

  1. Get a better Adapter
  2. Get a better Router/ Access point
  3. Add a high gain Antenna
  4. Add a an Access point and repeater(s) to my router
  5. Buy a range extender

 Having just read about some recent innovations specifically 802.1N and MIMO -and being a sucker for new technology i decide to get both a MIMO Router and Adapter.

Historically being a Netgear customer i ordered a matching adapter router MIMO set; specifically the WPN111 and a WNR834B, RANGEMAX NEXT 270mbps WLESS ROUTER.  Rushing down to Umart i find they only have the WPN111 in stock - no problem with the claimed 10X range increase it should do the trick for my bedroom.

Plugging it in i can now get signal in my bedroom - yeah! Just barely -boo!  Clearly no 10X increase here more like 5% - which could be a result from the USB extension cord.   Since it is the weekend and too windy to go fishing i decided to try the old "put the USB adapter in a soup strainer trick".

Interestingly this didn't help very much - and the wife was not impressed with the Wok in the bedroom<sigh>.   Still not beaten i tried putting the whole router (a WGT624) into the WOK with the antenna at the focal point.  I don't know if it was simply moving Router or the WOK but this netted some big signal increases!

At this point i must admit i am little addicted- and my XBox still could use more signal!

I am still waiting for the WNR834 but when it arrives i am thinking i will turn my WGT624 into an AP and add a directional antenna pointed to the XBOX-and putting the Xbox Adapter in a parabolic antenna (ie a Wok).

Note the WGT624 doesn't normally accept an external antennae so i will need to perform a little surgery and use a U.fl to SMA pigtail




Comments (2)

  1. William Luu says:

    Hi Charles, if you’ve still got one of the other Netgears, you might want to try setting up the WGT624 in Repeater mode, with another Router being the main.

    To change the WGT624 to one of Repeater/Bridge/Client modes, see:

    Just suggesting it as another option, as opposed to buying the 802.11n router.

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