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Content by Charles Sterling

Increasing Wireless Range

In the last couple of months the wireless range at my house has decreased…I think it is a combination of additional interferences, my M400 having a weaker adapter than my M200 and replacing an old 17″ LCD with a 20″ wide screen is physically blocking the signal from my router…

In either case places that you used to get signal at the house are now “dark”-sigh.

At first glance it looked like i had a couple of options:

  1. Get a better Adapter
  2. Get a better Router/ Access point
  3. Add a high gain Antenna
  4. Add a an Access point and repeater(s) to my router
  5. Buy a range extender

 Having just read about some recent innovations specifically 802.1N and MIMO -and being a sucker for new technology i decide to get both a MIMO Router and Adapter.

Historically being a Netgear customer i ordered a matching adapter router MIMO set; specifically the WPN111 and a WNR834B, RANGEMAX NEXT 270mbps WLESS ROUTER.  Rushing down to Umart i find they only have the WPN111 in stock – no problem with the claimed 10X range increase it should do the trick for my bedroom.

Plugging it in i can now get signal in my bedroom – yeah! Just barely -boo!  Clearly no 10X increase here more like 5% – which could be a result from the USB extension cord.   Since it is the weekend and too windy to go fishing i decided to try the old “put the USB adapter in a soup strainer trick”.

Interestingly this didn’t help very much – and the wife was not impressed with the Wok in the bedroom<sigh>.   Still not beaten i tried putting the whole router (a WGT624) into the WOK with the antenna at the focal point.  I don’t know if it was simply moving Router or the WOK but this netted some big signal increases!

At this point i must admit i am little addicted- and my XBox still could use more signal!

I am still waiting for the WNR834 but when it arrives i am thinking i will turn my WGT624 into an AP and add a directional antenna pointed to the XBOX-and putting the Xbox Adapter in a parabolic antenna (ie a Wok).

Note the WGT624 doesn’t normally accept an external antennae so i will need to perform a little surgery and use a U.fl to SMA pigtail