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Content by Charles Sterling

One of the Team Foundation Server program managers is coming to Australia

Joe Schwetz, who runs the internal TFS servers for Microsoft, is looking to do some customer meetings in Australia. 

Right now he is looking to do his trip early November-isque.

Rather than doing a world wind tour like i had Jeff Beehler do;  i was thinking of having Joe do fewer events but more indepth say spend ~3 days at ~3-4 customers sites. (and get to the local Usergroup!)

The reason for this change is twofold –We have already done the tour thing with  Jeff<g> and Jeff’s feedback was he wished he could have spent more time with the development teams.

The reason for this post is:

  1. Get feedback to the idea
  2. Collate nominations for who would like one of Joe’s visits

If we proceed with this format I will probably be looking for three types of customer profiles:

  1. Just beginning with TFS and trying to get your head around the product
  2. Using TFS day to day (probably prefer bigger/distributed implementations)
  3. Pushing TFS limits – and finding the rough edges