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Flu brings good luck? (fishing)

One of my most frequently asked questions last couple of days while at TechEd last week was “Chuck have you given up fishing?  -I haven’t seen you do a fishing post in a while”. 

The answer is “Definitely Not!“.  

With TechEd this week and being in the USA the two weeks before, it has been hard to get on the water!  But i wish i have been able to make the time….last time i got out (~three weeks ago) i caught 15 snapper in about 2 hours! and today despite having the flu and a 101 temperature i had an even better day!

What is my secret?  -This season i have put away the Calcutta 400 and been fishing a Sienna 400 reel, *shakespear tempest rod and soft plastics…specifically Berkeley gulps in minnow and jerk shad patterns with jig heads between 1/4 to 3/4 oz (depending on the current).    I must admit it feels pretty strange to be fishing a spinning reel but with these light jig heads spinning reels just allow line to flow off easier -and they don’t back lash when your  boat rocks on a big swell….interestingly none of the snapper i caught were on the bottom!

I mentioned having a great day today…which begs the question  what can be better than 15 snapper in 2 hours?

Well how about a HUGE snapper (~9.8KG) some flathead, a bunch of normals sized snapper like last time -and meeting another local fishing  legend – Paul Burt


(We ended up keeping the fish as it was pretty much dead by the time i finally got it to the surface with my light gear)  

*See my earlier post on why not a Shimano rod