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TechReady in Seattle- Amanda Silver Rocks the house!

Been in Seattle all week at an internal conference called “TechReady” watching the latest and greatest coming out of Microsoft and have to admit despite ScottGu performing his magic i have been a little under whelmed -until today!  Amanda Silver did  a session on Visual Basic Futures….OMG!!!

She said their goal was to “drive excitement” …I am pretty certain this side of having super models giving away Ferrari’s they couldn’t have done a better job for this bunch of geek’s! 

The repeater control was cool but didn’t stand a chance against the language enhancements like linq, silverlight integration, inline XML etc etc etc 

What was my favorite part?  Hard to pick just one but probably the enhancements with Office integration….

Luckily for you she promised to do most of this on a Channel9 Webcast real soon!

If you only do one Webcast this year….you should make it Amanda’s!!

(oh yeah….She is only half done with the presentation!)