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Content by Charles Sterling

AIOP Meeting Tonight!

Looking forward to my AIOP meeting tonight as i am copresenting with two lovely ladies!

Should be fun…this is what we are covering:


Join Microsoft in a look at  emerging technologies that can make Office Professionals lives easier –or living a nightmare.

The session will start a brief historical look at the drivers for collaboration technologies like email and Instant Messaging that spawned a generation of cutting edge technologies that make communicating with the world even easier and more accessible such as blogging, podcasts, webcasts, mashups, and twittering.   This session will also look at some of the technology trends that will give you an indication of what we can be expecting in the next 5 years.   Your hosts for this look into the future will be Charles Sterling Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Charlene Charlene Clark Project Manager Queensland Rail and Maria Del Pilar Sterling noted Gold Coast community activist.

Demos to include:

· Podcasting

· Webcasting

· Social Networking

· Live Meeting

· Blogging

· Twittering

· Mashups

· Differential User Experiences