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Internal Microsoft Community Best Practices Session

The folks in Redmond (corp) have asked me to deliver an internal best practices session on engaging with community.(yes, i ‘think’ they emailed the right person…)

Since this is a community session; it would be negligent to not let the community do my work for me er i mean add input.

I will take input on any topic but desperately need it in two areas:  

  1. In the developer space, what things are we doing well and what would you like to see us do differently? (i can almost hear Nick and Brian dialing now (g))
  2. What responsibilities would your ideal Microsoft Advocate have? (i.e. When Norbert goes to replace Chuck in Feb what type of person should he be looking for)


I am also having challenges with the title of my session. 

Below are 10 thoughts i have had thus far: 


  1. 3 Easy steps to the happiest developers in the world
  2. Living Large in Australia
  3. Fishing and Diving your way to the top
  4. Community:  Getting other people to do your job
  5. Feeling the love downunder style
  6. Ozzie Rules Evangelism
  7. Spreading the word downunder
  8. Evangelist? –Can I be a Ninja next time we play?
  9. *Number #1 Dev Sat, DE of the year, Love Guru, 2 CSI awards and 2 CPE awards can’t be wrong
  10. **I really love you guys 

*Sorry I just don’t think i have the ego to pull this one off

**Probably not in touch with my feminine side enough for this one


Oh yeah Happy 4th of July!!!