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Content by Charles Sterling

A great end to a great week (Code for the Country raises $5000 for the drought relief)

Just got home from the Brisbane delivery of Code for the Country and I must say that it is a great way to end a great week. The week started in Melbourne where I attended one of the best events i have been to this year: Microsoft Remix.  I then flew up to Sydney for an event that i thought was possibly even better, the Australian Architect Forum then BACK to Melbourne for the Melbourne delivery of the Architect Forum.  After the Architect Forum I caught the red eye back to Brisbane and arrived home around 1am for a 5am start (!) for the Brisbane Code for the Country!  

At the over subscribed New Horizons Code for the Country We raised $5,000 for the drought relief and most importantly had a great time!  The highlight of the event was all the fun we had creating 10 rooms using my beta TechEd HOL Project manuals.  – Admittedly we had some pretty ugly examples proving why designers are needed and a couple very nice examples that showed not all developers are color blind and with out taste…

We ended the day by having all 14 of the participants voting and Jason’s room from QLD Ambulance (see picture) was the hands down winner and was awarded the Wacom Bamboo Tablet.   Hope to be posting these rooms next week.


Big thanks to Deepak for coming up with the idea and delivering the Sydney instance. Paul Stovell for waking up at 4:00am to fly to Melbourne to deliver there. Niall Ginsbourg for helping Paul and showing off what you can do with 3D and Media Center.  Joseph Cooney for co delivering in Brisbane and helping with my room labs

-and of course New Horizons for volunteering their time and facilities for this great event.