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Content by Charles Sterling

Architect Forum Sydney Recap

Today marked the end of the first delivery of the Australian Architect Forum.  

For those of you that may not be across the AAF: It was a one day ($295 ) event that was run as a cooperative of the major players in the architecture space in Sydney and Melbourne.   The premise of this event was to create the biggest and best Architect event for the year– So how did it go?

Is was a great a event! 

I was lucky enough to catch up with one of the attendees that attended both Remix and AAF.  When I asked which he would  choose if he could have only gone to one.  

His answer was:

“Remix and the Australian Architect Forum are the best two events I have been to in years…I wouldn’t give up either!”  


1. Don Ferguson delivered one of the best executive Keynote I have ever seen. His dry jokes where a perfect complement to his “Megatrends” content. –Typically I don’t video keynotes but this is one I am definitely going to try and get recorded in Melbourne. To quote one attendee 

“it delivered everything you need to know in the way you need to know –with no I beg your pardons”

2. With the registration site opened only FOUR weeks before the event; and still managing to attract over 100 of the most prestigious Architects in Sydney was amazing.

3. Object Consulting did a great job with logistics!

4. All of the attendees loved the round table discussion format!

5. This event served as the launch for the IASA in Australia. Interestingly one of attendee mentioned the IASA lunch time session was one of the best of the event…
6. Don Ferguson, Tom Hollander, Rocky Heckman and David McGhee made this event from a Microsoft viewpoint! Thanks Guys!!!!

7. IBM going from not knowing anything about the event to a Gold sponsor with an agenda full of great content in 7 weeks was simply incredible!