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XBAP Hands On lab (Beta) Available

I have been working getting the TechEd Project up and going and am proud to say we did our first walk through last night with Joseph Cooney and Michael Wise.

The timings were pretty close to what i expected from folks that knew these tools really well. 

Part One: XBAP apps with Orcas took Joseph about 12 minutes. 

Part Two: Skinning with Blend took Joseph about 15 minutes

Part Three: Animations with Blend took Michael about 10 minutes- but Michael is a bit of a freak knowing all the keyboard short cuts and having just finished a big blend project.


I am assuming a normal person would take about 90 minutes to complete this by themselves and 60 minutes with a proctor.

I will be posting all the XAML resources for Lab 2 in the next week or so.


Their efforts can be seen at:

Michael and Joseph’s Sample room



And the labs we went through can be seen at.

Building XBAP Applications with Visual Studio 2008

Theming XBAP Applications with Expression Blend

Animations and Media with Expression Blend



Sample Room: