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Auscert Recap (and a joke)

All week i have been with the security experts from around the world at Auscert.  Without Jesper it was a little like Peanut Butter with no Jelly but must admit the weirdest thing was how the attendees are now treating Microsoft.  -The last three years we were clearly the target and the journalists loved to keep hitting the “Sky is falling” sensationalism button.

This year I keep getting you “You aren’t any fun to make fun of anymore.  You now get it”….

That said I still did have a lot of fun with the highlight being the last nights dinner – and impromptu joke fest

While i may have started the joke contest i was clearly outclassed with Dave Litchfield from NGS definitely having the best material, Patrick from Zdnet the dirtiest and our very own George with the best Greek jokes but the real surprise -and uncontested winner- was from our illustrious PR gal: Clair. 

Her Joke is almost 99% in the delivery but still definitely worth putting in your arsenal of “clean” jokes:


Two sausages are laying in a frying pan and the first sausage says to the second sausage:

“Man is it hot in here!

To which the second sausage replies:

“EEEK! A talking sausage!”