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TechEd Project Oops (Looking for an Australian Based Graphic Designer)

I just finished a conference call with the core TechEd project team when Dan Green pointed out a small…er large, er HUGE hole in my plan. 

This TechEd project is about raising environmental consciousness through the use of compelling and user interesting interfaces that measures your awareness. 

Unfortunately this would suggest we ourselves could create a compelling and interesting user interface as an example of “what could be”. 

Unfortunately this isn’t really about functionality, which Joseph, John, Bronwen, Dan and myself can do with our eyes closed but rather the visual experience – which we would probably be better off keeping our eyes closed in order to deliver…At least in Dan’s case he can fall back to the excuse he is color blind!

At this point I am looking for a Graphic Design Person to add to the team and give us a hand.

If you are a clever graphic designer or know one that would like to join in and help us out please drop me a line!