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Content by Charles Sterling

Developer Positions Available in Brisbane

I have two friends heading up development teams in Brisbane looking for some some A list developers-both senior and junior openings.

The First is at a large ISV called *Citect on a very large SCADA product called Ampla where you will be working with an architect named Michal Postula.

The Second is working with Adam Webber (formerly of Thoughtworks fame) the architect on the Inet team at Queensland Health.

Both of these companies do on-site algorithm and coding testing for 1st round eliminations -so posers need not apply. 

If you know the folks i mentioned above and are interested please feel free to contact them directly (they both lurk on several different news groups)

If you don’t know them and are interested please contact me for an introduction.


*If you are not familiar with Citect i would place them in the top 10 Australian ISV list…I typically mention them in the same breath as Technology One and Mincom.