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Free Instructor led WPF Hands On Lab -Update


I have had a lot of interest in my post:

Free day long instructor led Windows Presentation Hands on lab

Most of the interest has been expressed as “Chuck Save me a seat” type of interest and it is pretty clear choosing the attendees is going to be a big under taking.

The second interest i have been getting is who are those instructors -and why did you choose them?

Joseph Cooney (QLD)

Paul Stovell (Flying to Vic)

Deepak Kapoor (NSW)

Let me start with the first topic: “Chuck Save me a seat”.   I have been talking to New Horizons’ and we came up with the idea of having an impartial 3rd party choose the attendees based on pledges to help the environment. 

-While this may sound complicated it really isn’t.  The way this works:

The New Horizons “registration” page will request a *link for something you are doing/will do for the environment and contact information.  All these entries will get handed to Salvation Army Drought Relief volunteers who will then choose the top 12 entries per city to attend this training.  

 *If you don’t keep a blog, no problem, send your enviromental pledge to me and i will post on your behalf!

The next topic was why did i pick: Joseph, Paul and Deepak to do this training? -Well simply put they are the three **best WPF guys in Australia!  I have taken some liberties with their biographies to give some idea what type of people I am talking about.

Joseph Cooney is regarded as not only one of the top Windows Presentation Foundation Developers but also one of the top Windows Presentation Foundation community members dedicating much of his time to teaching other people how to use this exciting new product. His website, one of the most popular WPF sites on the internet “Learn WPF” breaks down his own articles into a easy to understand “Get Started” and “How to” sections.  Joseph is working with Microsoft to create an exciting new type of WPF Hands on labs for Microsoft TechEd 2007. In 2007 Joseph was rated as the 5th highest rated speaker at code camp and has the distinction of delivering the first WPF Presentation at Code Camp 2006. He also presented at TechEd 2006 Australia on WPF Xaml Browser Applications (XBAP) and WPF data binding.  Joseph is currently consulting to Microsoft on the topic of Children’s Safety and was recently awarded the Microsoft MVP  for his tireless efforts.  Based in Brisbane Joseph runs the QLD branch of the prestigious consulting company: Paradigm Logic and has been working with Microsoft Technologies for the past 8 years with a strong  focus on .NET technology. Joseph is an active member of the .NET community regularly contributing to online discussion forums and maintaining his software development sites learnwpf.com and jcooney.net. Joseph has also developed a mind-mapping tool at Thoughtex.net using WPF.

Deepak Kapoor is widely recognized as being one of the top 5 Windows Presentation Foundation Experts in Australia.  In addition to frequently presenting at both User groups and conferences Deepak spends much of his time creating cutting edge training courses such as the first Windows Presentation Foundation Training offered in Australia in 2006 and was the creator of the Salvation Army Drought Relief WPF training.  Deepak works as software development consultant with a range of clients in different industries. His areas of focus are .Net Framework 2.0 and .NET Framework 3.0 with a keen interest in WindowsForms, WPF and WF. Many of Deepak’s published works can be found on MSDN, CodeProject and on his blog (http://www.DeepakKapoor.net). Other than being an active participant on forums, Deepak’s community involvements also include mentoring at local .NET user groups around Sydney, CodeCamp and various WPF hands-on-labs sessions.

Paul Stovell is recognized by Microsoft as one of the Experts in Windows Presentation, and was asked to participate in the 2007 Visual Studio Ascend program where he will be contributing and commenting on the design of Microsoft next generation development tools code named “Orcas”.  Paul also delivered one of the first applications in Windows Presentation Foundation, the Tech.ED 2006 Agenda Viewer, and hosted talks at the same conference on Windows Presentation Foundation architecture best practices. Paul is based in Sydney, Australia, and works as a Senior Developer for Readify. His passions are rich client application development, focusing on rich immersive graphical interfaces, data binding, as well as domain modeling and architecture. He presents at the Sydney .NET user groups regularly, has taught a number of Readify .NET training courses and writes numerous articles on rich client development for the Code Project as well as his blog (www.paulstovell.net).

**These are the three best that I know about in Australia- If you are doing exciting things in WPF I would love to hear about it!