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14 year anniversary today!

Nope not with Microsoft ( I have been married to MSFT for 15 years)but rather to my lovely wife Maria Del Pilar (aka Pilar). 

After watching the movie Alfie and reading some of the recent Readify blog posts i realized i have a pretty good thing going and really want to treat her tonight!

Yep you guessed it I am going to take advantage of the Terrific Tuesday offer from the local cinemas and going Dutch to a movie!

So the question becomes -which movie?

I am thinking

Spider Man-3 or Shooter

If you have seen either and have an opinion drop me a line!

Also big thanks to Andrew for calling wishing me the all the best- strange though when i picked up the extension and he was talking to my wife i would have sworn i heard the word “condolences” -g




PS Before i am labeled as a cheapskate i should mention i did get Pilar a beautiful engraved gold parker pen