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Content by Charles Sterling

Orcas Install Woes -and Success

I have been building my Xbap and Silverlight applications in Visual Studio 2005 with the Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (WCF & WPF) and figured since these older bits wouldn’t render an XBAP application that you have set the sourcename in an Eventtrigger (ie <EventTrigger SourceName=”someobject” RoutedEvent=”ButtonBase.Click”>) that it was time to upgrade.  After downloading the 5 gigabytes and kicking off the install the setup program indicates  i need to reboot…okay….

After rebooting the setup automatically restarts -and FAILS. Looks like two things that was causing this:

1. The setup didn’t restart under elevated permissions

2. The setup program didn’t have access or would not look in the directory i had placed the install files in.

…okay if all else fails read the documentation! The documentation clearly states that install files should be placed in: c:\VSOrcasBeta1.  Unfortunately moving the files and restarting the setup as administrator wasn’t enough as the runonce registry keys were still in the computer – telling the setup program to go to the old location -sigh.

Another another reboot i now have Orcas installed -Yeah!!!

Of course the first thing i had to do was try on the new Cider designer -just to make sure it would start- and it did!!!

The next thing i wanted to try was the new Silverlight tools so I installed the VS Add-On for Silverlight.

Unfortunately attempting to create a new Silverlight project returned the error:


Microsoft Visual Studio
Project ‘SilverlightProject3’ could not be opened because the Microsoft Visual Basic Codename Orcas compiler could not be created. Unable to find required file ‘mscorlib.dll’.

So back to the documentation, while looking at the documentation on-line i decide to install the Orcas Visual Studio MSDN documentation.  At which point i see the Visual Basic teams blog: You have to have the Alpha Silverlight runtimes. -I had been using the beta1 versions on this machine! 

Installing the Silverlight Alpha Run times and trying a new Silverlight project now get a COM error when trying to drag any tool from the toolbox!!! -argh!

No problem i have plenty to do with my XBap application, unfortunately now even trying to run a normal WPF application Orcas is now throwing COM errors when accessing the toolbox! 


Turns out the Orcas MSDN Documentation broke Orcas Visual Studio toolbox for WPF applications….Fortunately the fix was quite easy, all i had to do was Repair the  VS Add-On for Silverlight setup.  

The funny thing about all this is…The Orcas Designer still doesn’t render an XBap application that has the Sourcename set in an Eventtrigger-At this point I am not certain whether to laugh or cry!