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TechEd Application Proof of concept

Joseph Cooney has been working with me on that Pimping the Environment for TechEd (grin) project i have been waxing on about and threw together a very rough proof of concept for the “room” experience…I am guessing this room’s rough wire frame look is what most of them will end up looking like!

According to my vision, the “room” experience if where users will click on a multitude of appliances which would then prompt them with environmentally focused questions and give this person a score for their answer.  

While at TechEd “I” will be guiding developers through the room creation and anybody will be able to upload Avatars, get a score and able to contribute to the question pool the rooms will draw from.

Not to be outdone by Joseph i converted his efforts into a VB XBAP application.  which you can see at:

TechEd Proof of Concept Application

Right now the ONLY thing it does is prompts you when you click on the oven; so not really worth visiting -yet.

I included a screenshot of Joseph’s application below.  My version has used images rather than paths for the avatar but i haven’t  brought across all his animations -and like i said before it doesn’t do a whole lot other than render….