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Content by Charles Sterling

IBM Usergroup last Tuesday

I presented at the IBM Usergroup Tuesday morning and have to admit this was one of the most professional Usergroup i have ever been to -and would recommend anybody with IBM software or hardware investments this is definitely a good group to belong.

There were several things that were different than other usergroups that I am used to…and maybe some pointers we could pick up.

The first difference was the fact it isn’t hosted or run by IBM but rather run by a organization called: Interaction and hosted by Suncorp. This gave them a lot of flexibility on how to run the group and forced the content to drive by the stakeholders.

The second was the audience, the IBM Usergroup attendees were predominately the decision makers in their organizations.  I guess with topics like key changes the AS400 platform (now called iSeries)

Which begs the question, is the content selecting the attendees or are the attendees choosing the content?

The last difference i noticed was the fact their events are done as breakfast events.  Anthony Borton’s VSTS events, run as breakfast events, also tend to draw a more senior crowd.

(Again cause or effect?)