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Australian Architect Content Nominations- Consolidated

Has some new additions and hopefully will get Suns nominations soon too.

Object Consulting Nominations

St George Bank Packaging Story (from a solution architect perspective)

Software Factories (our project experience of smart client and web services sw factories from MSPP)

AOP/Dependency injection (Spring for .Net and Java – project experiences and solution fit)

Challenges of being an architect (process, people, technology, keeping upto date, etc)

Role of an architect (linking EA and SA,thinking about systems of systems, business vs technology focus)

Lot of topics around SOA

Integration challenges (realtime, batch, logic , messaging, long vs short lived thinking etc)

Challenges of creating a solution architecture that leverages a rules engine to address dynamic customer requirements (business rules)

Leveraging a rich client framework


Thoughtworks Nominations

Gathering Requirements for SOA: How we mapped a customer’s processes across multiple lines of business to identify, prioritise, and estimate delivery of common services

Architectural Practices on Agile Engagements – Agile principles have major implications on the way Architects on Agile projects approach architecture related activities, e.g. solution design. This round-table is an opportunity to share and explore some of these practices. For instance, some of these practices may be “Architects do code” or “Architects may use an ugly and non UML compliant diagram sketched on a whiteboard to share an architectural vision”.

Pluggable application frameworks for Agile delivery – OSGi and similar application component frameworks allow selective feature bundling and deployment. This can be used to manage incremental software delivery cycles and break down monolithic applications to achieve service orientation within applications.

Dynamic languages in the enterprise – Ruby and other dynamic programming languages are gaining traction among many of our customers globally. What constitutes an “enterprise-ready” platform and does Ruby meet the criteria?


SDM Nominations

Information Worker  (Portal/Collaboration)

Enterprise Project Management

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Search Strategy

A portal into the business  – Strategies for effectively integrating business critical information and reporting with collaborative tools.


Microsoft Nominations

Security – Architecting for Security – Rocky Heckman

Security – Security Patterns for Services – Rocky Heckman

Legal Issues/ Intellectual Property /Licensing – Mr Philip Argy

Modeling tools/ Developer Tools /Design Patterns/Software Factories – Evolving to Patterns/ Enterprise Library 3.0 Tom Hollander

Project management /team dynamics-Extreme Programming Neil Roodyn?

SOA/ESB/Integration-Real World SOA – Don Ferguson

Business Intelligence Strategies-Peter Myers

Web Vnext – building rich interactive sites: HTML, DHTML, Flash, Flex, WPF Michael Wise

Web Vnext – Designing applications for User Experience Shane Morris

Data Architecture – Graeme Simsion

Virtualization/Physical consolidation – Dougie or Peter Fitzsimon