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Content by Charles Sterling

Australian Architect Forum Content part II

As i mentioned in my earlier post

“Australian Architect Forum: Content and request for papers”

The would be sponsors will be putting forth their round table topics.  Below please find the suggestions for:

  1. Object Consulting
  2. Thoughtworks
  3. SDM


Object Consulting candidates:

Breakout 1 – St George Bank Packaging Story (from a solution architect perspective)

Round Table 1 – Software Factories (our project experience of smart client and web services sw factories from MSPP)

Round Table 2- AOP/Dependency injection (Spring for .Net and Java – project experiences and solution fit)

Round Table 3 – Challenges of being an architect (process, people, technology etc)

Round Table 4 – Role of an architect (linking EA and SA, thinking about systems of systems)

Round Table 5 – Numerous Topics on SOA

Round Table 6 – Integration challenges (realtime, batch, logic , messaging, long vs short lived thinking etc)

Thoughtworks candidates:

Gathering Requirements for SOA: How we mapped a customer’s processes across multiple lines of business to identify, prioritise, and estimate delivery of common services
– Pluggable application frameworks for Agile delivery: OSGi and similar application component frameworks allow selective feature bundling and deployment.  This can be used to manage incremental software delivery cycles and break down monolithic applications to achieve service orientation within applications.
– Dynamic languages in the enterprise: Ruby and other dynamic programming languages are gaining traction among many of our customers globally.  What constitutes an “enterprise-ready” platform and does Ruby meet the criteria?
– Domain specific languages: I see someone has also put forward software factories.  Can we include DSLs in there too?

SDM candidates:

Area’s of expertise  for round tables :

  • Information Worker  (Portal/Collaboration)
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Business Intelligence