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Australian Architect Forum: Content and request for papers

The next work item for the Australian Architect Forum that i have been helping on is content.  By consensus of the folks involved the AAF content will be decided by the following process.

Step 1.

Create a content committee of interested partners (chosen from sponsors and online interest) –

Status -Done.

Step 2. 

Would-be sponsors are to collect and submit a list of possible round tables to the content committee. (see mine below)

Status – In process

Step 3.

The content committee will then cull this down to 3 round tables for each gold sponsor and one for each silver sponsor.  

Status – To be started this week on the fourth AAF Content conference call.


Step 4.

Allocate round tables into the rooms and meta tag the round tables with relevant categories.  For instance i have suggested the session “Architecting for Security”, depending on the content this round table could have the following tags: “Security”, “Patterns”, “SOA”, “Integration” etc

Status – Not started yet.

Microsoft List (i have submitted)

(Note: Object have already submitted there’s and will ask them if i can blog it too)


1. Security focused round tables 

2. Legal Issues/ Intellectual Property /Licensing

3. Modeling tools/ Developer Tools /Design Patterns/Software Factories

  • ·       Evolving to Patterns/ Enterprise Library 3.0 Tom Hollander

4. Project management /team dynamics

5. SOA/ESB/Integration

6. Business Intelligence Strategies

7. Web Vnext

  • · Building rich interactive sites: HTML, DHTML, Flash, Flex, WPF Michael Wise
  • · Designing applications for User Experience Shane Morris

8. Data Architecture

9. Virtualization/Physical consolidation

  • · Dougie or Peter Fitzsimon

10. Portals Architecture Strategies

· MSFT Not do anything as will have just ran the sharepoint conference and SDM are here?