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Content by Charles Sterling

Should Pimp My Ride become Code for the World?

The original premise of the project “Pimp my Ride” was to take an application that was already useful and give it a “face lift” to increase its user experience. The challenge with this concept was no applications came to mind that really needed to be “pimped” that would make them more useful.

Scott Fletcher was adamant the project should do something that was “civic” or “environmentally” focused..

Which was all well and fine, but the applications he suggested- carbon calculators, energy/water consumption applications didn’t really magically become more interesting with a sexy interface…..

For the last two weeks I have been stalled at this point, during which Scott showed me an application that was an interactive picture of a house that had hot spots on different appliances giving you recommendations of how to save energy- ugh a text file with a glitzy interface! Which got me thinking –isn’t this how the Internet started?

Starting with this premise, the next step in the evolution of the Internet was to make it useful ie Scott’s carbon calculator for these appliances– and the next step was to Web 2.0-ify it or (which means add Social Networking aspects.) So how could this apply with a carbon calculator?

I see this happening in three ways:

1. Comparing your score with the other people. (see Figure1

2. Developers adding new “rooms” with new objects/appliances -like we did in Terrarium.

2. Players adding new measurements, calculators and questions. (see figure3)