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Code Camp Day 1 finishes with a bang

It is with a bit of nostalgia; the first day of my last Australian code camp is over<sigh>

The day ended on an absolute bang with Dan Green showing the ~180 code campers why he is referred to as “.NET Dan” and is one of the longest running developer MVP’s in Australia with his:

“My best tips and tricks”.

-The fact CSU served free cheese and wine afterwards didn’t hurt either!

Definitely watch out for his company ParadigmLogic to take Australia by storm.  -If you are a WPF person you are probably already familiar with one of his *wild child employees-Joseph Cooney and his LearnWPF site.

Unfortunately I will be missing most of day two as I need to get back on the road to Hobart which means I will be missing Joseph’s:

“Building a real world WPF application”

But I am currently sitting in Joel Pobar’s presentation:

“Concurrency and Parallelism: Next generation scalable apps”.

Joel is one of the primary reasons i came to code camp- and as expected he was on fire!  I am guessing there is nobody else in the world that can take a topic like the “CPU instruction scheduler” and entrance 180 adults like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning.

With a teary farewell i bid Wagga goodbye and hit the road to Hobart!

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*If you get a chance, be sure and  ask Joseph about this his misadventures at the Hogsbreath while at Code Camp