Track Chuck! (While driving to Code Camp and Hobart)

As you may have seen I am driving 4000+KM to Code Camp then Hobart. Saul, Dean, Mark and Mark from Power Business Systems have enabled their WAY cool Black Box Control to track me while I am driving the 4000+ kilometers.  

-Make sure and check out the incredible Black Box Control -and find out where I am at over the next couple of weeks!

Comments (5)

  1. One of our good friends from Microsoft, Charles Sterling is going to make the drive to CodeCampOz from

  2. Fellow Brisbane Evangelist, Chuck Sterling has a really surreal sense of humor. Since he’s going to drive

  3. kclin says:

    For next year I suggest you install a web-enabled feedback interface, so that blog readers will be able to control your steering wheel.

  4. It is with a bit of nostalgia; the first day of my last Australian code camp is over<sigh> The

  5. Garry Trinder says:

    If only Wally (Waldo) had one of these. My blog post has been updated with a map of Tasmania! (Am I allowed to say that on a blog?

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